Wellness / oasis of force

As spa, we have for you

a full body massage by a trained masseuse

1 Hours – 15, -Euro

Her name is Subira

Aloe Vera treatment for application to the skin but also for drinking.



Oasis of force

More and more people are looking in nature places to refuel strength, everyday around zipper and stresses an increasingly. Here in Kama Paradise you will find peace and harmony to their powers to replenish. One or the other of you has eventually asked the question; for the meaning of life and why we are on earth, or is not satisfied with his current situation in life.


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Then I can help, I can show you a new way that you can go to get to the destination.

You even have to walk it.

It is also possible to book a seminar. „Back to Reality“ I call it. to return more attention be paid to what life has in store for us actually. This seminar has carried a fixed price, the time you wish you take it in claim negotiable.



let your light shine so brightly, the other can see the way out of the darkness !

I have no education made in the traditional sense, I have the school of life visited as any of us, with the difference that I have recognized it and understood. Now I live consciously and have understood the rules of the game of life, I know who I really am. I am something special, like all of us, nothing better. Now I use this knowledge and create my new life according to my ideas.