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The following excursions we offer;

Mombasa Shopping Tour:

Busch Tour:

Sunset in the bush / drum group:

Hot spring on the south coast:

Visit a village school, including dinner in a bush restaurant:

The beach section Big Tree (Bamburi Beach):

Attending a very good fish restaurant:

Attending a church service in the village church:

Trip to Haller Park:

For all excursions we are together .

and inform you

The trips in detail;

Mombasa shopping tour;

At 10 am we drive from KAMA PARADISE to Mombasa, we are at about 11 am on the island of Mombasa. at Nakumat, at the ferry to the south coast we parked our car, and from there we’ll take a tuck tuck to the Navalcenter.



On the roof of this 7-story building, we will get a very nice overview of Mombasa.


then we go down floor by floor, where you have plenty of time to see the shops. On foot, it then goes through the streets of Mombasa to other shops past, we can recommend you where price / performance is consistent.


At Old Market you can buy fresh spices or simply see something is offered.

In a small restaurant, we take a bite for lunch to us, after we go to the oldest hotel in Mombasa. Have a drink we recover some of the various impressions that they have experienced.




After we went to the famous landmark, the tusks, we take the Tuck Tuck to Old Town.   In „Mama Sita“ you can buy souvenir of Kenya holidays.



Overlooking the Indian Ocean just a few meters from the Old Town is one of them, before we take the Tuck Tuck back to our car. We go something along the coast, and back to KAMA PARADISE where we are on average up to 17 o’clock. The trip costs 50, – Euro per person and is from 2 persons possible


Busch Tour;

At 10am we start with the car on the Busch tour. We pass through the village, where many locals live, so they get first impressions as these lovable people live here. We stop at King Kalama, where we are at 10:30



He will report to you how the Giriama tribe lives here. What they do every day and about their traditions. So is also the possibility that you can visit the mganga (medicine man).





After King Kalama you led around, we taste the food which they have previously seen in the production. With music and dance Kalama adopted by his group to us 14 o’clock.



We continue to Ben Raster ,where we take our lunch one, Pilau we eat there, and such as is common here we eat with the fingers.


Now that we are strengthened, we drive through the bush. We are returned around 16:30  in KAMA PARADISE

The trip costs 50, – Euro per person and is from 2 persons possible

Sunset in the bush / drum group:

To about 14 o’clock we go by car towards Mapawa which will take about 1 hour.


There we can then enjoy the view something which is inland and towards the sea beautifully. The hosts serving them a fresh lemon tea and a typical African food. Following they are then on large drums make music and show their traditional dance to. Thus one must remain in motion here are danced!

Before the sun sets, we say goodbye and drive a few meters to a hill, from where we watch the sunset with a cool drink.


When we are ready, we return to KAMA PARADISE.

The trip costs 50, – Euro per person and is available from 2 persons.


Hot spring on the south coast:

Very early in the morning, 6 o’clock we set off by car to the south coast, so we are at 7 am then at the ferry and come across well. After another hour of driving, we reach the entrance to the bush of the south coast, which brings us to the hot water source. So we are at 9am then there. After we ate our breakfast there, we go to the source only a few meters away.



2012-09-06 11.23.16

After we looked around there and have learned about the place, we go back out of the premises. as we go down a different road back, there are new to discover. Around noon we reach Ukunda, where we in a pizzeria (not included) to take a meal to us. if you want we can look at the beach there.


The ride then goes back to KAMA PARADISE where we are about 18 o’clock.

The trip costs 70, – Euro per person and is available from 2 persons.


Visit a village school, including dinner in a bush restaurant:

So we go around 10 am walking to school, which is about 40 minutes away. They are there always hear on the way caribou by the locals, they therefore called Welcome. One of the teachers will then tell them about the school, and the kids will you sing something as a thank you for visiting.



Above: Here we treat children have ringworm.

It is the school that we support, we can therefore say with certainty that arrived the votes donations to the right place. On the way back we stop at a village restaurant, where we take our lunch snack.


Then back to KAMA PARADISE

The trip is free for our guests


The beach section Big Tree (Bamburi Beach):



To this beautiful stretch of beach we can go out after breakfast. You can determine how long they want to stay there. There is the possibility there to drink and to eat, are further toilets availability.

Costs 25, – Euro per car


Attending a very good fish restaurant:

at noon we go to the fish restaurant is located on the beach and is secluded from tourism so you can enjoy the wonderful location and the good food.



Costs 25, – Euro per car without food

Attending a church service;  

they go around 11am to walk to the church, which is directly in our neighborhood. You will experience a very different church! Here, people have joy and fun on praying. The length of stay, they determine.




Visit the Haller Park

after lunch we drive to Haller Park, the trip takes about 30 minutes. At 15 o’clock they can there, the giraffe feeding and eye to be located near to eye with these wonderful animals.


Then we go to the hippos. The coming out of the water for their portion of food, so you can see all their size on very short distance.


Another highlight is the feeding of the crocodiles, they come quickly out of the water to catch a piece of meat.


Actually you get whatsoever to see the giant tortoises.


If desired, you can also look at snakes, then it goes back to KAMA PARADISE


Now you can get an impression of what to expect here in KAMA PARADISE. Just as we offer it, they get it otherwise not offered again, as we are sure. So to grab and secure a place in paradise, where they can experience relaxation, adventure and a wonderful holiday.



Safari makes us Daudi, it is more than 5 years a reliable guide for our guests.


How long, which Park and Lodge they determine. Daudi pleased to advise you, and makes you an offer then.

Thus you have what it costs about an idea;

2 days Tsavo East So one night in a lodge priced at 2 participants to 270, – per euro. person

Here are a few images so they get an idea what it looks like.













Thanks for your interest !


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